The Through the Mist series begins with Restoration


Through the Mist: Restoration

It begins in Scotland, at the valley called Gleann A’bunadh. Colin Campbell saves a village from slaughter. The chieftain’s wife Morag is grateful that the warrior rescues her kinsmen, even if he could not save her beloved husband. She bestows a blessing that would reach centuries into the future.

Tilly Munro travels to Scotland for a road trip with her best friend Beth Madison. Haunted by a tragedy, she is eager to start a new chapter in her life. After a walk across a misty pasture, she will discover the new beginning she seeks.

Benjamin Campbell is tormented by the loss of his wife Mary and plagued by a dark sin from his past. His ruthless father threatens to return, destroying his hard work. He seeks a moment’s respite and meets a woman who claims to be from the future.

Separated by time and united by grief, Tilly and Benjamin discover a love they never believed they could feel. An ancient feud formed by tartan, iron, and blood…a promise to protect the people of Castle Fion…and the pull to return to modern times…will they fight the forces that could separate them forever? Will love prevail, just as it did centuries ago?

Through the Mist: Adrift    a novella

Several months ago, Beth Hunter Madison and her friend Tilly Munro embarked on a road trip in Scotland. Meant to be a fun romp in the Highlands, the trip took a tragic turn when Tilly disappeared into the mist.

Haunted by her part in the tragedy, Beth is devastated. Her marriage collapses. Her career is in ruins. How can she pick up the pieces and move on with her life?

Desperate to save her career, she jumps at an opportunity in Scotland. She must return to the place where Tilly disappeared. In doing so, she finds a new purpose for her life.

She also discovers love in an unexpected place. Unfortunately, the man lives in a different time.

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Through the Mist: Reunion        

The Through the Mist story continues….

Beth Hunter’s marriage to Randall Madison is over. Her career is a wreck. Tormented by her part in her best friend’s disappearance, Beth struggles to create a new life. She flees to Scotland and finds a new purpose and love in an unexpected place…and time.

Tilly Munro stepped through the mist and into a life she never imagined. Her happy ending with Benjamin Campbell is threatened by his father, Malcolm. And, a friend she never expected to see again emerges from the mist.

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Tilly and Beth must navigate social politics to survive in a time and place unfamiliar to them. One woman will be faced with a difficult choice: stay with man who stole her heart or return to her own time. Will she find her happily ever after?

Through the Mist: Book Three (No Title Yet)

Benjamin Campbell now finds himself the master of Castle Fion and official owner of an estate in England. Can he handle the extra responsibility? Will his new situation create tension between Tilly and him?

Tilly Munro Campbell struggles to find her place in a time and place where she never dreamt of living. As a modern woman, she is shocked at the resistance to educate women. While dealing with this surprising attitude, Tilly must also learn how to be a stepmother, duchess, and mistress of the estate. Will she conform to this different way of thinking, or will she try to change the attitudes of those around her?

Meanwhile, Beth Hunter and Iain MacIver experience the happiness and general weirdness of their new beginning. What does Iain think as he encounters something different every day? Can Beth adjust to a new life, in a different country and with someone from another time?

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Through the Mist: Book Four (No Title Yet)

The story will continue. Benjamin and Tilly’s children are growing so fast. It is time for Allan to expand his education. Family friends who own a town home in Edinburgh have agreed to let him stay there while he prepares for the next step in his learning. No longer living in the safety of the country, Allan is exposed to new ideas in the big city. He is lured by the promise of adventure. Will he walk a dangerous path? What will Benjamin and Tilly do?

Meanwhile, Beth and Iain have settled into their new life together. Perhaps they have settled a bit too much, for they are both restless. The thrill of new discovery has ended, and the reality of the day-to-day grind has set in. Can they find a new spark to reignite their love affair? Is Iain still comfortable with the choice he made? Does Beth trust him to stay forever, especially when the couple makes a shocking discovery?