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You Rock!

A quick thank you to everyone who has purchased my book. Sales have picked up lately. I can only hope it is because you have read the book, liked it, and told your friends.

I know some authors might think that selling 200+ books is depressing. Well, it is HUGE for me. I never expected more than a handful of sales. I told literally two people in the whole world that I wrote this book. That you somehow found my first book out of the millions of books out there and chose to buy it - it is amazing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot tell you how happy you have made me.

And, I must offer a little word of encouragement. If there is something you want to do, go for it. Take that first step. The joy you will feel when you accomplish your goal is incredible. You can do it - whatever it is!


I have an author's page on If you want to ask me a question about this book or its sequels, you can post it on that page. I welcome your feedback.


My dog just scolded me. OK - I was wrong. I told two people and my dog about the book.

Are you happy, G? No?? OK - how about if I give you a goodie? She is happy now.