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Oink, Oink

This week, I researched food. Yes, I have been hungry the entire time!  My stomach is growling as I write this post.

In the sequel Through the Mist: Reunion, we spend a lot of time at Malcolm Campbell’s house, Tinberry Hall. He means to impress his guests in everything he does. It follows that he would have a very fine table when he invites people to dine with him.

I found two good books that have helped with my research. Dinner with Mr. Darcy, by Pen Vogler, sprinkles information about dining customs in between recipes of dishes served around the 1800s. It is a very entertaining read. I doubt I will try any of the recipes, though. They don’t seem very appetizing to me. Tastes have changed, which is yet another reason for research.

Tea with Jane Austen, by Kim Wilson, provided more information about customs than the other book. It offered a few recipes. I liked the information about Jane Austen herself. Of the two books, this one helped me to better understand the nuances of the dinner and after-dinner tea. We might not feel the slight if someone invited us over only for after-dinner tea. In Austen’s time, it meant that you were not important enough to join the dinner party. Scandalous!

As I have said many times, my books are meant for entertainment. Who says you cannot learn a little something at the same time?



Research, Research, Research

While my books are meant to be entertaining, I strive for some degree of authenticity. Don’t you hate when you are in the middle of a story, and the author throws in some detail that grinds the story to a halt? At that point, you jump out of the story, and the moment is ruined. Imagine how jolting it would be if I said Tilly whipped out her cell phone and began searching the Internet…in 1801.

As a result, I continue to put a significant amount of time into research. I have numerous books on my shelves about Scottish history, fancy estates, and life during the Regency era.

If you are intrigued about any of the subjects I mention, take a look at The Source page on my website as well as my book list on Goodreads. The books all provide far more detail than I ever could in my books.