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Character Insights: Tilly's Parents

Our upbringing deeply impacts who we become as adults. When I created the character of Tilly Munro, I knew I needed to develop a back story for her parents. I did not go too deep, because they are only briefly mentioned in the first book, Through the Mist: Restoration.

Margaret and Raymond Munro were simple people. I envision that they lived in the country and led ordinary lives. Margaret was a teacher. Raymond worked at a factory that made furniture, until the factory closed. He was unable to find work and remained unemployed until he died of a heart attack.

Money was always tight in the Munro household. This forced Tilly to work at a young age. She began babysitting, as most underage kids too. When she was legally old enough to work, she did. She never stopped working. Her parents taught her that’s what you must do to survive.

Tilly is an only child. Her mother gave birth to her late in life, around 35. The Munros figured they were not lucky enough to have children, so Tilly’s arrival was a surprise.

As I mentioned, Tilly’s father Raymond died of a heart attack. A few months after his death, his wife Margaret died too. She could not imagine life without him. They were soulmates.

Tilly’s parents gave her a blueprint for a marriage. They had rocky times, but they persevered. They loved each other deeply.

When Tilly looks at her own relationship with Benjamin, she thinks about her parents. Keep that in mind when we get to Book Two. They will cast a shadow. Because you have the inside scoop, you will know!


You may notice that I refer to her parents as the Munros. Tilly did not take Alex’s last name when they married. I scanned Through the Mist: Restoration and do not believe I referenced it. Please let me know if I did.