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Popcorn Read for a Hot Summer Day

Looking for an easy, breezy summer vacation read? Might I suggest the "Through the Mist" series?

What's the story? Tilly Munro is a modern woman who suddenly finds herself transported back to 1800s Scotland. I know, I know - not another time travel romance in Scotland! Give it try.

The first book in the series - "Through the Mist: Restoration" is affordably priced at 99 cents on A bargain!

After you finish "Restoration," dive into a novella, "Through the Mist: Adrift." Meant as a bridge between "Restoration" and its sequel, "Reunion," we learn more about Beth Hunter, Tilly's best friend, and the aftermath of Tilly's mysterious disappearance.

Yes, "Adrift" ends abruptly, because we are ready to jump into the action of "Through the Mist: Reunion." This book is a roller coaster ride. We explore Tilly's new life, travel to Tinberry Hall in Derbyshire, learn more about Malcolm Campbell, and immerse ourselves in a new romance between two unlikely people.

The novella is also available as an ebook on Amazon and is priced at 99 cents. "Through the Mist: Reunion" can be found there too. The ebook is $1.99.

Of course, if you prefer printed books, you can order those too. They are a bit more expensive but certainly available.

We all like a light read in the summer. I hope you enjoy the "Through the Mist" series.

And, yes, I am working on another book in the series right now. In fact, I have plans for at least two more books in the series. The story will continue!



Cleansing the Palette

I have read an enormous amount of books about Scottish history and Regency-era customs and manners over the last four years. If I don’t read something else soon, I think my brain will explode. Do you ever feel that way?

It is easy to get stuck in one genre. I do recommend, though, that you try a different type of book from time to time. If you favor serious works, read a romance novel to lighten the mood. Likewise, if you read nothing but trashy novels, you might want to vary the diet a bit and toss in a classic for good measure.

Why? It is important to broaden your horizons. Otherwise, you won’t appreciate the view you have.

Happy reading!