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Bring in the New Year

I am ready to bid 2017 goodbye. What a year! I always try to look for the positive and present it to you here and on my Facebook page. I figure you have enough bad stuff to read. Why add to the dark cloud of negativity? The year 2017 was a doozy, though.

As I look ahead to the new year, I am excited for the challenges to come with the book. I am putting the finishing touches on the sequel, Through the Mist: Reunion.  I know I have said this many times. If you are a writer, you know how tough the process is. Just when you think you are done, you spot something that is not quite right and want to change it. At some point, though, you must say “Enough!” I am nearing that point.

I plan to try advertising with the novella, Through the Mist: Adrift, and the sequel, Through Mist: Reunion. I did not advertise Through the Mist: Restoration. Frankly, I was thrilled that I finally wrote a book. It was a huge personal accomplishment. If anyone read it, it would be a small miracle. Several of you did, and I am eternally grateful.

I encourage each of you to find something this new year to bring you similar joy and gratitude. I felt as if I wasted many years saying “someday, I will....” If we learned anything from 2017, it was that “someday” may never come. Do not put off living your life.

You don’t need a grand gesture. Sprinkle in a few attainable goals like eating half a donut instead of a whole one or taking the stairs today instead of the elevator. We should celebrate the small victories as much as we do the big ones.

Here’s to a new year filled with health and happiness for all!




A couple of weeks ago, I asked if 3 people would submit ratings on Goodreads for my first book, Through the Mist: Restoration. I was just shy of 100 ratings. I realize some people may consider that amount to be small. It means the world to me because I never thought anyone would read the book, let alone 100 people pick it up. If I received those 3 ratings, I promised to donate $100 to the Avery County Humane Society. I am happy to say that I now have over 100 ratings on Goodreads. Thank you so much!

I have said many, many times that writing a book was the fulfillment of a dream. What’s your dream? You don’t have to pick something grand like skydiving or starting your own business, although go for it if you feel empowered. Try to accomplish something small, just to prove to yourself that you can do it. Then, build on it. Try something a little harder. Soon, you’ll move mountains.

It is easier to sit on the couch and complain about everything and everyone. It is much harder to get on your feet and try. You will feel better for the effort. To hell with anyone who says you cannot/should not/could not do it. Remember – it is important to you. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.

Go for it!



The Goodreads Challenge

As of this post, I have 97 ratings on Goodreads. I am astonished. Through the Mist: Restoration is the realization of a long-held dream. I worked really hard to write and self publish the book. The fact that even one person bought the book is amazing. That 97 people would take the time to give my book a rating on Goodreads, well, that’s just unbelievable.

It would be a thrill to have 100 ratings on Goodreads. I am only 3 ratings away! Therefore, I am issuing a challenge to my readers. If I can get 100 ratings on Goodreads, I will donate $100 to the Avery County NC Humane Society. I adopted G from the organization, so it is a tribute to both you and her.

How do you make it happen? Creating a Goodreads account is free at Once you log in, search for my book, Through the Mist: Restoration. Then, below the picture of my book’s cover, you will see a drop down menu. You can click that you have read the book. You can give a simple star rating, which is all I ask. If you want to leave a review as well, you can. I humbly ask for constructive criticism, though. It is the only way I can become better as a writer.

Even if I do not hit 100 ratings, I am so, so happy. You made my dream come true just by reading my story. Thank you so much!



The Damnable Misery of It All

Like me, you have probably heard a variation of the expression, “Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” I have always scoffed because wouldn’t we all make that choice? Unfortunately, reality dictates that we have bills to pay and must choose jobs that (hopefully) make ends meet.

For a couple of days this week, I finally understood what that expression meant – and that’s the damnable misery of it all. I attended a seminar about business writing. While the topic may have been geared toward business, the subject matter was writing. I felt invigorated and inspired. I had an opportunity to create, to learn. It was wonderful.

And then I returned to work on Thursday.

It is disappointing to finally know what it is you should be doing with your life and not be able to do it. I am not whining. This is an acknowledgement. I know there are people right now who are in this situation and will likely always be in it. They are talented. They are smart. They just did not win life’s lottery. So, they will spend their days emptying your garbage, cleaning your office, preparing your tax return, teaching your children, et cetera.

I try not to be so melancholy in my blog posts. It’s just tough sometimes. What do we do?

Well, we write a blog post at 1:30 a.m. because we cannot sleep. We pick up a pen and work on the story that will not leave the brain. We raise a paint brush and put paint to canvas. We create for our own sake.

We keep pushing forward because we have no other choice. On your death bed, do you want to regret that you never wrote that story or painted that picture? Who cares if no one else in the world ever reads it? Who cares if you are not published? Sometimes, all we have are the few moments where no one dictates to us. We control this little world in our imaginations.

I may be depressed about my job or other things in life. I refuse to let anyone take away my imagination. It’s free, and it’s all I have. It’s all you have too. Keep writing. 



You Rock!

A quick thank you to everyone who has purchased my book. Sales have picked up lately. I can only hope it is because you have read the book, liked it, and told your friends.

I know some authors might think that selling 200+ books is depressing. Well, it is HUGE for me. I never expected more than a handful of sales. I told literally two people in the whole world that I wrote this book. That you somehow found my first book out of the millions of books out there and chose to buy it - it is amazing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot tell you how happy you have made me.

And, I must offer a little word of encouragement. If there is something you want to do, go for it. Take that first step. The joy you will feel when you accomplish your goal is incredible. You can do it - whatever it is!


I have an author's page on If you want to ask me a question about this book or its sequels, you can post it on that page. I welcome your feedback.


My dog just scolded me. OK - I was wrong. I told two people and my dog about the book.

Are you happy, G? No?? OK - how about if I give you a goodie? She is happy now.