While I walked G at the beach one morning, we passed two ladies who were jogging. (Well, they would call it jogging, but I swear G and I were walking faster.) Both ladies were obviously moms based upon their conversation. One of them commented that it was the first time she had been away from the kids.

A thought occurred to me, and I would like your input. It seems to me that mothers have set topics of conversation - are the kids eating right? Are they spending too much time on their devices? Are they safe? And so on....It seems as if all conversation surrounds the kids. The mother's own interests, ambitions, and hobbies take a backseat to the children.

All you mothers out there - is that true?

Yes, this is material for the upcoming book. I have pages in my book journal about this topic. Your input is extremely helpful. Please feel free to comment on my Facebook page, send me a private message through Facebook, or leave a comment here. Thank you!