Wahoo - I finally finished the sequel!

It is available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook form. Warning - you may need to search for the specific title. The book is hot off the presses, so to speak. As a result, it sometimes takes a day or two for everything to sync properly at Amazon. Sorry for the inconvenience - that's the world of self publishing!

So, what is the story for this sequel? Here's a summary:

Beth Hunter’s marriage to Randall Madison is over. Her career is a wreck. Tormented by her part in her best friend’s disappearance, Beth struggles to create a new life. She flees to Scotland and finds a new purpose and love in an unexpected place…and time.

Tilly Munro stepped through the mist and into a life she never imagined. Her happy ending with Benjamin Campbell is threatened by his father, Malcolm. And, a friend she never expected to see again emerges from the mist. 

Tilly and Beth must navigate social politics to survive in a time and place unfamiliar to them. One woman will be faced with a difficult choice: stay with man who stole her heart or return to her own time. Will she find her happily ever after?

The sequel has more characters and a bigger story. I know some people complained about the abrupt ending for "Through the Mist: Restoration." And, "Adrift" has a REALLY abrupt ending. In both cases, that was the natural ending of the story. With "Reunion," the story has a natural ending, but I think you will like it. A lot of things are resolved. You aren't left hanging on by your fingernails, wondering what happened next.

I hope you enjoy it. Please leave a review on Amazon and feel free to send me your feedback.

Happy reading!