Were any of the characters in Through the Mist: Restoration based on real people? Well, not exactly.

The villain, Richard MacDonald, was based on the spirit of someone I know. The character does not bear a strong physical resemblance, but his attitude  is very similar to this particular person’s personality (or lack thereof).

His sister Cairen embodies the spirit of two people I have encountered in the last several years. They were as deceitful as she is. It was fun to write the character with those women in mind.

One character is solidly based on reality: the little white dog in the stable. My dog has missed quite a few belly rubs and had more than a few walkies delayed because of my writing. She deserved a mention in the book. She may pop up again in the sequel – you never know!

When she was surrendered to a nearby shelter, she had baggage: her two puppies. They had been adopted, leaving my sweet G at the shelter. She is the sweetest dog who has brought so much joy into our lives. She is feisty, intelligent, and fun.

Speaking of fun, I must mention the horse, Angel. The real Angel was not a horse. She was our next door neighbors’ dog, who appeared one night outside their house. She was a small white puppy, soaking wet and cold.

She annoyed my dog with her constant desire to play. She always wanted to lick G’s eyebrows and whiskers. Every morning, she would sneak up to our house and wait outside the basement door. She knew when G took her morning walkie and wanted to join us. When she died unexpectedly last April, she left a huge void. For months afterward, G would climb the steps at the neighbors’ house and look for Angel.

Writing has given me the opportunity to have a good laugh while I satirized people I hate. On a far more positive note, I have also enjoyed capturing the sweetness of two wonderful dogs. I hope you have fun on this journey with me.