A friend of mine recently finished reading Through the Mist: Restoration. I welcome feedback about the book. If you leave a comment or write a review, I will read it.

Here are the answers to two questions about Richard MacDonald:

Why did you call Richard “the MacDonald?”

I have noticed that the clan chieftain is usually referred to as “The Clan Name.” Yes, after the ’45, the clan system was destroyed. Titles like “laird” or “The MacDonald" would have represented a way of thinking that simply did not exist.

The phrasing is my subtle clue to Richard MacDonald’s mental state. He believes the old ways are superior. In his musings, he references how he prefers the kilt. He says the Act of Proscription has made his countrymen “soft.”

His rigid thinking is a sharp contrast to Benjamin Campbell’s more progressive ideas.

Why didn’t he bring people with him? Is he crazy?

Yes, he is! Richard knew that Benjamin and Malcolm killed his brother and sister – right under his nose, no less! Then, his father forbade him to seek revenge.

On top of the personal family tragedy, consider that the MacDonalds and Campbells did nasty things to each other throughout the centuries. Look up the Massacre of Glencoe if you want a sample of the violence that existed between them.

He waited in a crumbling castle. The MacDonald lands were seized by the British Crown after Culloden, leaving him with very little. He likely blamed Benjamin and his father for his diminished situation.

All of this would wear on a person as the years went by. When his father died, he was finally free of his promise. He would have been blinded by the desire for revenge. A sensible man might wait for an opportune moment and gather a group of man for the assault. Richard MacDonald is as crazy as a bag of cats, though. He is incapable of sensible thought. He wants revenge – NOW.

Do you have any questions about Richard MacDonald or any of the other characters in the book? Please let me know. I am happy to answer them!