As I charge ahead with the sequel, I find myself asking a particular question. I would love to hear your thoughts.

How much detail do you want for the "hanky panky" scenes, if you catch my meaning? There are only two described in detail in Through the Mist: Restoration, and I think only one more implied. I did not view them as gratuitous. To me, they made sense for the characters and the story.

This type of scene can add to the story - or leave you howling with laughter. I walked a fine line. Let's be honest. It is extraordinarily difficult to describe a man's anatomy without being vulgar or downright hilarious. I once read a book where the author described it as a "manroot." BEST DESCRIPTION EVER! I still laugh every time I think of it. Sadly, I remember the description but not the book title. No author wants that!

So, what are your thoughts? How far is too far? Feel free to comment here or on Facebook.