Warning: My world includes colorful language.

If you have a problem with that, then this blog may not be for you.

Welcome to the world I created “through the mist.” It has been my long-time dream to write a novel. Several things prompted me to write my book.

First, like most people, I have a boring job. I have been at the same firm for many, many years. As I allude in the book, the Asheville job market is horrible. So, if you find a job with decent pay and benefits, you tend to stay there much longer than you should. It’s the ugly truth. Thinking about the Through the Mist world is a welcome escape during the day and keeps me from fretting about stupid happenings at work.

Second, what was stopping me? Even if I never published the book, I should write it. We have all read books and said, “OMG – I could totally write better than this!” Well, it was time to shut up and actually do it. I am not getting younger. Why wait?

Third, it is easier today to publish your own work. Or, so I thought. We’ll discuss that much later in this blog. When I embarked upon this journey, I had the notion that I could publish an eBook quite easily, and life would be grand. I did not need a literary agent, big publishing house – I could do it myself. Easy peasy. Well, it is true that you can publish your own eBook, but I have lately learned that the process is far from easy.

Finally, my job does not allow me to use a lot of creativity. I could sit around and bitch and moan, or I could do something about it. Why not channel my energies toward something positive and write that book? It was an absolute joy to write one scene in particular. Yes, the character is based upon someone at work, and he became even more wretched with every re-write/edit. While the physical description does not match exactly, the spirit of this person is there, and damn – that scene felt good to write. The great thing about fiction is it gives you an opportunity to do things you would never do in real life. A good story is the ultimate escape.

I began the process over three years ago. Yes, it took more than three years to write Through the Mist: Restoration (TTMR). I toyed with writing fan fiction for Pride and Prejudice, but why mess with a classic? Then, the idea for TTMR came to me. I will discuss that in the next blog post.

TTMR is not a great classic, and some might say it stinks. Hey, you have a right to your opinion. I am happy because I finally did something I wanted to do. I encourage you to do to the same thing. To hell with anyone who criticizes you for trying.


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