I ate lunch at my favorite spot downtown yesterday. I wanted to celebrate the sale of over fifty copies of my first book, Through the Mist: Restoration (TTMR). Thank you very much to everyone who has purchased a copy of the book. I never thought anyone would buy a copy, so fifty sales mean a great deal to me.

While I dunked the delicious, crispy Vietnamese spring rolls in nuoc charm sauce, I thought about the first book and the things I have planned for Book Two. Don’t worry. I will be careful about how I say this, lest I spoil Book One for you.

I envision that TTMR is the first book in a series. Each book that follows will be the tale of one (or maybe two) characters. This one is really Tilly’s story. We needed to explore what happened with her character. In the end, we do have a resolution of certain things with her. We have more to learn, though.

We also have a hint about what has happened with her best friend Beth. It is here where we will pick up in Book Two. Beth has a story to tell. And, she is eager to tell it.

Since I finished the first book, I have researched some stuff for Book Two. I wanted to complete more research before I began writing again. Beth may not be that patient, though! I have a lot of ideas swirling around for the beginning of the book.

In fact, I have an idea about a scene that could take place at the restaurant I visited. I jotted some notes in my little purple journal while I inhaled a bowl of lo mein noodles. I saved my fortune from the little cookie; I have a plan for that too.

I learned so much writing the first book. Hopefully, I can avoid some of the pitfalls that took up a lot of time. (I do not want to call that “wasted time,” because I learned a lot.) Still, Book Two is a bigger story. Hang in there with me. We will get there.

In the meantime, I will share my writing experiences with you in this blog. Maybe we can test drive some ideas and scenes from Book Two. Stay tuned!


If you know where I can find information about road systems in England and Scotland in the early 1800s, please leave a comment. I would love some help with research.