I took a few days off from work and headed to the beach. It was wonderful to soak in sunshine, sink my toes in the sand, and splash in the ocean with my dog. Then, I returned to work – and ruined the serenity! Ha ha ha ha – isn’t that always how it works?

While on vacation, I had an opportunity to work on the sequel to Through the Mist: Restoration. At the end of the book, we have some unanswered questions. I won’t say what they were, lest I spoil the book for anyone who has not read it.

Based upon comments left on GoodReads and Amazon, some people wonder if a sequel would follow. Yes, most definitely. It has always been my plan that there would be at least one more book, maybe two, in this series. Beyond that – well, we will see where the story takes us.

I already have the story outline for the second book. I envision that it will be divided into three acts, which cover specific parts of a character’s story. From the reviews, it seems that people are very curious to learn what happens to Beth. She is an integral part of the next book.

I will offer a little hint about book two. In one of the chapters, something shocking comes to light. It is so shocking that I had to take a bike ride after I wrote it. I just couldn’t believe it. We will see if it makes the final cut. It’s pretty important, so I suspect it will.

How soon will the next book be available? It is hard to say. Writing a book is more difficult than I imagined that it would be. I do not anticipate the second book will take as long as the first, because I know so much more about the process. I have also completed a lot of research in the time period, customs, and other important details. Still, I want to write something that worth the time and money you will spend reading the book.

Stay tuned to this blog. I plan to update you about the book’s progress. I may even include excerpts from the new book or stuff that hit the cutting room floor with the old book. I would also appreciate any comments that you leave with the entries. Your feedback, particularly when I need help with research, is invaluable.